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2019-11-20  Tungsten carbide represents a massive step on for the mining industry. The need and benefit of using tungsten carbide in the mining industry is very apparent when you consider what was used before tungsten carbide was brought to the fore. The majority of work in a mine was initially undertaken with a pick axe and a shovel.

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2019-11-24  Hence only the carbide carbide with high cobalt content are qualified. As to hard and brittle rocks or materials with strong corrosiveness, cemented carbide grades with low cobalt content should be chosen. Please Visit our website and mining community for more information on tools used for mining exploration, processing,lab analysis, and safety.

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Cemented Carbide. Drilling and mining tools made from cemented carbide are used for various construction applications and account for the greatest use the material anywhere in the world. In fact, about 65% of the market goes into making mining tips, drill bits, and other cutting and mining tools.

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Tungsten Carbide Button, with their unique properties, are widely used in oil drilling, coal mining, rocking drilling, geological prospecting and other industry. According to different oil field drilling machinery, such as cone bit, DTH bit, geological drilling tool, tungsten carbide button are

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The methods used for the manufacture of carbide tipped tools are briefly outlined. INTRODUCTION. In recent years the application of tungsten carbide to various mining tools in the mining industry, has developed to the stage where it is now regarded as an essential

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2019-11-21  Our company provides various mining tools that are extremely needed at every stage of tasks related to mining industry, quarries, digging tunnels as well as various civil engineering works. Mine Master offers high excellence mining equipment that will help to increase the productivity and it is also safe and durable in the same time.

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2019-11-25  Meetyou Carbide is one of the best suppliers to the oil and gas industries. In order to be used in the hostile subsea engineering environment, tungsten carbide is used to manufacture extremely hard wearing components such as control valves, liners and bearing housings for use in exploration and flow control applications.

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2019-11-22  While many people will naturally associate tungsten carbide with production, it is likely that the first way that people will think of it being used is in conjunction with metalwork and the mining industry. Given the strength of tungsten carbide, this is perfectly understandable but if you think that tungsten carbide is only suitable ...

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Mining Carbide Tools for Coal Mining Industry Tungsten Carbide Inserts for Drill Bits Application: Spherical Button: Mainly used on down-the-hole/DTH drill bits for down the hole drilling. we are tungsten carbide manufacturer in China, for carbide...

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2019-11-20  Mining Industry Mining has remained an important industry and tungsten carbide has played a major role in its success. Miners have used tungsten carbide tools over other pieces of mining equipment because of how difficult carbide is to break. Ever since carbide has made its way into the mining industry, ...

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When you think of the mining industry, you think of dynamite, dark tunnels, shovels, mining carts, dust, darkness and danger. The mining industry requires a variety of strong and reliable tools as they work their way through the rock in their search for the ore, alloy, or other material they are mining.

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2016-04-26  Tungsten is principally used in the carbide tool industry in the form of WC, which is the main raw mate-rial of cemented carbide. Cemented carbide is used in many industries including automotive, aircraft, elec-tronics, civil engineering, and construction, as cutting, mining and civil engineering tools, as well as dies and heat-resistant members.

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Tungsten carbide tools have a variety of applications based on the industries which use carbide equipment and other hard materials. Tungsten carbide is especially for sharpening of blades applied in industrial applications. These tungsten carbide blades are used to improve versatility and productivity when sectioning plastic.

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2019-10-31  Inserts for mining tools. Mining and tunneling cutting tools are most often fitted with Cemented Carbide tips, the so-called "button bits". Artificial diamond can replace the cemented carbide buttons only when conditions are ideal, but as rock drilling is a tough job the Cemented Carbide button bits remain the most used type throughout the world.

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Rockwell Carbide Powders Ltd. is proudly to bring up our products in Mining industry. Our mining tools are widely used for underground mining and surface mining. The products are made of high-quality carbide materials, manufactured with the advanced technological process according to

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Carbide Mining Tools. During so many years development, this kind of products have been widely used in the mining exploitation, road construction, construction industry, forest excavation

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Carbide rock tool bits are widely used in mining industry. As we all know, They are for mining tools, Rock tools, Quarrying, Mining, Tunnelling, Construction and so on. Button bits made with best quality 45CrNiMoVA alloy steel bar and YK05 tungsten carbide

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2019-11-24  Sourcing Guide for Carbide Tool: China manufacturing industries are full of strong and consistent exporters. We are here to bring together China factories that supply manufacturing systems and machinery that are used by processing industries including but not limited to: cutting tool, machine tool, cutting tools.

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Since Precimac Tool Ltd. was founded in 1969, we have been providing North American manufacturers with superior custom metal cutting tools and fast, personalized service. Our precision tools are specifically engineered for

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carbide rock bits button bit . 1,Description of the carbide rock bits button bit . We supply many kinds of carbide bits.This kind of mining bits are often applied in Mine machinery tools,Coal Cutter Drilling Tools.Carbide tool bits are widely used in mining industry.As we all know,They are for mining tools,Rock tools,Quarrying, Mining ...

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2019-08-31  Inserts for mining tools Mining and tunneling cutting tools are most often fitted with Cemented Carbide tips, the so-called "Button Bits". Only man-made diamond can replace the Cemented Carbide buttons when conditions are ideal, but as rock drilling is a tough job the Cemented Carbide button bits remain the most used type throughout the world.

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The company research, manufacture and sale 8 serieses of products such as cemented carbide powder as raw materials, cutting tools, special applications, geological and mining tools, precision products, anvils, die tools and drilling-rock tools, etc. All the products are used extensively the fields such as the tungsten products process, cemented ...

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Gungnir Industry Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cemented tungsten carbide products used for a wide variety of industries and applications: Oil and gas. Mining and drilling. Civil engineering construction. Woodworking

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2019-09-23  Tungsten Carbide Button Inserts. Tungsten carbide button insert is a mining and drilling tool used for oil-field drilling, hard rock drilling and geological exploration. With excellent wear resistance and impact toughness, it has higher drilling speed compared to similar products...

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It is also used as humidification device in the light and textile services. Tungsten Carbide Mining Bits. Tungsten carbide mining bits are often applied as mine machinery tool or coal cutter drilling tool. Tungsten carbide bits are widely used in quarrying, mining

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Carbide Tools Market: Overview. Machine tools are very important for manufacturing of metal components in machining. High speed steel tools and carbide tools are widely used machine tools. From which carbide tools are most popular for machining applications.

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2018-05-10  Our tungsten carbide inserts for mining tools mainly include the drill bit inserts for rock drills, carbide substrate for PDC cutters, as well as cutting tool inserts for coal and tunneling industry. In the premise of strict control on raw material, we have optimized the structure of particles and improved the production technology of our carbide inserts.

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The application of Carbide Button can be noticed in oil drilling, rock drilling and road construction works. Its presence can also be noticed in the design of snow removing machinery. Generally, this metal button is used as a part of grooving, turning and boring cutter tools.


2017-10-20  We make recycling your worn-out solid carbide tools as easy as possible, with convenient collection at your operation. We’ll pay market price for your carbide and recycle it to create new tools. Together, we’ll reduce the environmental impacts of tool production. It’s good for business and the environment. 6. RE-USED You use your new ...


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